Frequently Asked Quetions

Why should I hire an interior designer?

Quite simply, interior designers enable you to curate beautiful spaces in your home that most people could never create on their own.  There is no match for the years of immersion in the design field and exposure to trends, the understanding of how things are put together and what lasts, and the knowledge that comes with training and experience.  Hiring an interior designer allows you to complete your project in the most efficient manner, attain the results you want, and have fun along the way.

What makes Michelle’s Interiors special?

There are three vital aspects to interior design that provide the most stunning and enjoyable results, and we believe we offer all three in ways that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

First…talent, drive, and passion; these words say everything.  Michelle’s designs are beautiful, unique, and specifically tailored to each client.  You’ll find the ability to create things that you won’t see in every home on your street, and you’ll discover that every single piece is designed just for you; the only limit is what you can imagine together.  Our goal, quite simply, is perfection; this grows out of a true love for the field and joy in creating beautiful spaces.  Michelle is passionate about what she does, and it shows in each project.  She truly has the ability to make your hopes and dreams for your home a reality and to help you discover some wishes along the way that you may not have even known you had.  

The second aspect vital in an interior designer is even rarer than the first.  It is what Michelle's family calls a "super-sized conscience", but what we just like to describe as integrity.  In this respect, you simply could not ask for more in someone you invite into your life to design your home.  Michelle's background as a professional counselor means that communication with clients is far, far beyond most comparable businesses.  Expectations are incredibly important to us; we set them high, we communicate them, and we delight in meeting them.  Our client relationships are our highest priority, and our commitment to client service is hard to surpass.  We adore the people who work with us, and our absolute and final goal is that they are thrilled with the outcome of their project.  It is why our clients return to us over and over again.

Finally, we are small, and this is intentional.  We don't say yes to every project that comes our way and we often run a waiting list for new clients.  This is because we passionately believe the best design takes place when it is the actual principal designer doing the work -- not an assistant whose work the designer glaces over to approve.  We believe the designer should be accessible to her clients; phone calls returned promptly, texts and emails answered quickly.  This level of service is impossible to provide with bloated client lists and frazzled designers who are quite simply too busy.  We very carefully manage our projects so we can provide the incredible service and results our clients deserve.  

Where are items sourced?

Michelle’s Interiors carries over 200 beautiful lines of furniture, art and accessories, with many custom choices at your fingertips.  We maintain a beautiful design studio just off the Tollway in Carrollton which we share with our partners.  This gives our clients access to fabrics, samples, tile, rugs - a world of gorgeous goods!

The design district in Dallas is a treasure chest of unique furniture, tile, accessories, rugs, fabric and art that just aren’t available in a normal retail outlet.  The World Trade Center alone is 14 floors of trade-only items – some of the most beautiful things in the market.  Our access to custom-made items and unique treasures is our toolbox, helping us create such beautiful spaces.

Do you have questions we haven't answered?  Please email us; we are happy to respond!